Good Times in Taiwan-My Best Muslim Travel Experiences

A New Contest: Tell Us Your Top Stories!

Sharing your  travel stories in Taiwan earning USD$1000 Prize !

We're inviting our Muslim friends who live in or have visited Taiwan to share their best Taiwan travel stories and experiences in the form of online articles or videos that introduce Taiwan's Muslim-friendly travel environment to the world. The purpose is to let more Muslims learn about Taiwan, and provide them with an opportunity to experience Taiwan's wonderful scenery, food, accommodations and fun activities.

1.Organizer and Guidance:

(1) Guidance: Taiwan Tourism Bureau, MOTC

(2) Organizer: Taiwan Learning Trip Ltd.


2. Eligibility : 

The contest is open to all non-ROC nationals who have been to Taiwan, and includes all Muslim friends, such as those from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore to name but a few locations.

3.Details :

(1) Apply and submit your content online. The content must include the date(s) of the experience and the location(s) visited.

(2) Submissions can be either an article or a video. Requirements are as follows:

Article: At least 500 words and at least two photos or videos. Files should be in Word format and not exceed 10MB.

Video: Videos should be 3-15 minutes in length. Upload it to your personal YouTube channel (the resolution must be 1920x1080 or higher) using the Google registration form. Make sure to include a sharing link from your channel to the Google registration form.

◆ Language: English

◆ The entry file must be self-created, photographed or used with authorization.

◆The content must be related to travel or life in Taiwan.

◆Participants must provide the organizer with authorization to use the content to promote Muslim-friendly travel in Taiwan.

4. Registration and receiving methods

(1). Registration is now open, and files can be uploaded through Sunday October 24, 2021 at 12:00 pm Taiwan time (GMT+8).

(2). Event website:

(3). Registration form:

(4). Service mailbox:

(5). Number of applicants: up to 30.

(6). Once your registration has been reviewed and approved by the organizer, the organizer will upload your file to their event website. The organizer will then send you an email, which will include a link that you can share with others as you wish to further promote your video.

5. Event rules : 

Everyparticipant can use their own social network to share and promote their Taiwan travel experiences that will be available on Stories will be on the travel story page at until October 24th. Winners will be determined based on Google Analytics  non-repetitive page views. The prizes are as follows:

6. Prizes :

(1) First place for internet popularity: USD$1,000.

(2) Second place for internet popularity: USD$500.

(3) Third place for internet popularity: USD$300.

(4) For places 4-20 in internet popularity: USD$50/each.

7.Additional details :

(1) Each person can only register once; subsequent registrations by the same person will not be considered.

(2) The use of programs to increase page views is prohibited. Violators will be disqualified.

(3) Winners will be notified by email from the organizer, and will be asked to provide a valid bank account to which the prize money can be remitted.