HalalTW Bicyrcling in 7 Days!


I had spent almost 8 years my lifetime in Taiwan to pursue my study in NTUST, Taipei. To celebrate and commemorate my success in finishing the study, my friend, Juno, and me planned to cycle Taiwan using bicycle! It was not a regular cycle by the way. In addition, we decided to visit all masjids (mosques) and several Halal restaurants in Taiwan. This was part of our expression of Gratitude to God as He gave us so many helps and blessings, thus we can finish our study beautifully in Taiwan.

Day 0

We took this challenging plan during the Chinese New Year holiday in 2018. Specifically, we began our journey by renting bicycles in Tamsui (New Taipei City) on February 14th, 2018. Yes, we did not have proper bicycles 😂. This is one of many awesome features we can find in Taiwan. I was surprised that the bicycles were available for rent even for foreigner students like us. This feature proved that Taiwan is indeed very welcoming international citizens despite nationality (as long as we have ARC, hehe).

Once we got the bicycles at the evening that day, we rode them to visit two main masjids in Taipei City: Taipei Grand Masjid and Taipei Cultural Masjid.
Once we got the bicycles at the evening that day, we rode them to visit two main masjids in Taipei City: Taipei Grand Masjid and Taipei Cultural Masjid.

Before arriving at these two masjids, we also took a temporary visit to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. The gate of this hall was very beatiful at night as shown on the following photo.

Day 1

On the next evening, we started our cycling trip officially by riding our bicycles from Taipei City to Dayuan (Taoyuan County). We arrived, took a rest, and had a Fajr prayer in At-Taqwa Masjid that is happened to be the office of Taiwan Muslim Association as well. We were welcomed warmly by the association chair, Mr. Yasin.

To recap, this was our route: https://www.facebook.com/827273359/videos/pcb.10156029268293360/10156029256838360 

Day 2

We said goodbye to Mr. Yasin and thanked him for hosting us. We continued our journey on February 16th, 2018, to Taichung. We spent almost half day riding from Dayuan to Hsinchu, then combined the trip by having our bicycling on train at 15:05. We were super exhausted 😆.

The train station where we arrived in Taichung City is close to the High-Speed Rail (HSR) station in the city. We heard that the station has a prayer room, so we paid a visit there to have a look. And yes, it was indeed there. We were so glad that we can find this facility not only in Taipei but also in Taichung. This is yet another evidence that Taiwan is so much friendly to Muslim travelers.

Afterwards, we continued to ride our bicycle to the downtown of the city to have a dinner at Little India Muslim Restaurant. The owner of the restaurant was so friendly. We had a chit-chat in mixed English and Chinese while enjoying very delicious meals. That evening was so memorable for us. 

To recap, this was our route: https://www.facebook.com/827273359/videos/pcb.10156029268293360/10156029262678360

Day 3

On the next day, we did not forget to pay a visit in one of special heritages in Taichung City: Taichung Masjid. We met our Muslim fellows who are Indonesian worker and took a photo with them.

Short after, we continued our journay to Tainan. Since the route was about to hike and slide mountain, we decided to take a train again. This was also because we need to catch up Jumah prayer, so that we can make it at Tainan Masjid. Gladfully, we have made to have a prayer there in time. We were also welcomed by the chief of the masjid. So happy!

By the night, we targeted to reach Donggang and meet our Indonesian fellows who are working there as sailors. On the way, we paid a short visit to Chimei Museum and Love River: Two iconic tourism spots in Tainan City and Kaohsiung City.

We also visited one of famous Halal Indonesian restaurants Kaohsiung before finally taking a rest in FOSPI, Donggang Mosque (Tongkang Masjid).

To recap, this was our route: https://www.facebook.com/827273359/videos/pcb.10156044900203360/10156044172598360

Day 4

This day was the toughest riding in our life! We had to climb the southern cross-island highway of Taiwan. Thanks to God, we made it.

However, after we arrived in Taitung, we were tired to death 😆. My ankles were injured as well. Therefore, we decide to call a taxi to bring us (and our bicycles) approximately one hunder kilometers to North. This was kind of mission of impossible 😆. By the way, it was not us who call this taxi. We booked a stay hotel in Taitung City. We told the owner about our pity situation and asked its owner any possibility to pick us up. We were desperate. But, in the end, by the kindness of the owner we were able to arrive at the hotel safely. This was to proof that Taiwan people are so much friendly. We were touched 😭. 

To recap, this was our route: https://www.facebook.com/827273359/videos/pcb.10156044900203360/10156044172818360

Day 5

In day 5, we went to Hualien Train Station to pay a visit on its prayer room. Following is the documentation.

Additionally, we also paid a visit to a new masjid built by Indonesian Muslim community. Unfortunately, the masjid was not ready for use at that time. So, we only took a picture of its front gate.

By the end of the day, we did not forget to make friend with local people and made arabic calligraphies for them. They were happy to receive our calligraphies, and we were happy as well to make new Taiwanese friends.

To recap, this was our route: https://www.facebook.com/827273359/videos/pcb.10156045526533360/10156045515163360

Day 6

We were really exhausted 😆, but we need to reach back Taipei as soon as possible. Therefore, we decided to go with the train again from Taitung to Yilan. Once we arrived in Yilan Station, we continued our journey to visit our Indonesian fellows in Baitul Muslimin Masjid, Yilan port.

At night, we took a rest in one of comfy hostels in Toucheng. And as usual, we did not forget to make friends 😊.

To recap, this was our route: https://www.facebook.com/827273359/videos/pcb.10156045526533360/10156045522463360

Day 7

Together with our new Taiwan friend, we visit the easternmost tip of Taiwan: Cape of San Diego. The sunrise scenery was awesomely beautiful.

As our last transit, we visited At-Taqwa Prayer Room in Ruifang.

And to end this wonderful journey, as we arrived back in Taipei City, we rewarded our selves by having delicious Taiwan most unique delicacy: Halal Beef Noodle 🤤, located close to MRT Sun-Yat Sen, Exit 1.

To recap, this was our route: https://www.facebook.com/827273359/videos/pcb.10156045526533360/10156045523493360

Altogether, this HalalTW Bicyrcling experience was unforgetful. I have never regret to spend almost a decade of my lifetime living in Taiwan. The memory of this experience would always remind us how friendly Taiwan people and environment. Thank you, Taiwan. 😊

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write by   Hadziq Fabroyir ,  Indonesia