My Best Muslim Travel Experience.


I have always dreamed to visit Taiwan as my first travel country. Finally, my dream came true in March 2018. I was so excited and happy during my trip there. All this while what I read about Taiwan on the internet is now becoming one of my lifetime experiences. I started the journey from Taipei and then the city between before went to Taichung and back to Taipei again. 

I went to Taiwan from 14th until 22nd March 2018. The first hotel I stayed at is Friends Hotel Yo Tong, Da'an District. I stayed for the first two nights in Taipei which is on 14th & 15th March and on the last day in Taipei which is 21st March before flying back home the next day. The hotel is located in the city centre, exactly at Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station and is surrounded by shopping outlets and restaurants. The hotel staff is very friendly and helpful. The room rate is affordable and most importantly it is also comfortable. It also provides a free simple breakfast but for Muslims, I suggest eating at your restrictions. There is a halal restaurant nearby the hotel. Only took about 6 minutes walking distance. The restaurant name is Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant. One of the famous Taiwan's local food is beef noodles. This is a must-eat food while in Taiwan. Chewy noodles soup served with thick-cut beef and some veggies. It is slightly different from the beef noodles soup I often had in Malaysia so this new type of flavour is excite me. The restaurant is always full of crowds but their service is very fast. Although this is a halal restaurant, local people non-Muslim also come here to dine in. For me, that's mean it got the authentic taste of Taiwan so everyone can enjoy it. Since the restaurant is always packed with customers, it is normal to share tables with strangers. You can make new friends or you can enjoy the food peacefully. I went to the restaurant on my last day in Taiwan which is on 22nd March 2018.

I went to Taiwan during the spring season. One of my favourite places that I had visited is National Taiwan University Highland Experimental Farm located at Nantou County. I went there on 19th March 2018. Since its spring season, there are many types of flowers blooming at that time. The air is fresh and surrounded by full bloom with colourful flowers. I was so amazed to see all the flowers there because some of the flowers are difficult to find in Malaysia. There is also a maze garden and I have so much fun playing there with my friends. It is my first-time experience too so we are very excited. I also had the chance to enjoy cherry blossom and peach blossom trees side by side. It is very beautiful scenery. Our mood can be calm and peaceful when enjoying the beautiful vast landscape. There is a souvenirs shop at the park. I was just window shopping and just looked around for some souvenirs. I was impressed that they also sell some halal items such as snacks and local tea. I saw Taiwan's Halal certificate logo on some of the items.

When international borders reopen again, I can't wait to visit and explore the beauty of Taiwan again. Taiwan is not only a safe country for female travellers, it's also Muslim friendly country. Come and visit Taiwan with an open heart. Don't worry and book a ticket to Taiwan soonest!

write by Zahratur Rasyidah Binti Zaman Huri , Malaysia