National Palace Museum-Chiayi Taiwan-Moslem Friendly


Hi travellers. I share to you my best Moslem Friendly experiences during travelling around Taiwan. I focus on Chiayi County and select 'National Palace Museum (NPM)' as main place suit for Moslem travellers. Besides amazing scenery, NPM provides prayer room, exhibition place, educated room, garden area and food court. I have visited the NPM three time so far, on September and October 2020 and 17 October 2021. Now, I show the difference each year. FYI, 17 October is Taiwan Culture Day, so you can have free charge ticket. Chiayi has a lot of places displaying their natural beauty such as Alishan forest area. I would like thanks to: - Taiwan Tourism Bureau MOTC as guidance - Taiwan Learning Trip Ltd and as organizer for giving me chance sharing my best Moslem Friendly travel experiences

video by  Sri Sudewi ,  Indonesia