Surprisingly Amazing, the Ideal Travel for Muslim in Changhua, Taiwan


As a Muslim, I was worried to come to Taiwan. A modern country in East Asia with a Muslim minority. In 2018, I was lucky to get a scholarship for a master's and doctoral degree in one of the best campuses, Taipei Medical University. I have to confess that I got a culture shock related to different cultures compared with my country, Indonesia, such as human interaction, public facilities, food, and more. But over the months, I could find Muslim friends from around the world, Halal restaurants, street hawkers who sell Halal meat, vegetarian restaurants, and even I found a big mosque in Taipei that helped me as a Muslim to live in Taiwan. Among my great experiences traveling in Taiwan, I have one that I could say "The Ideal Travel for Muslim in Changhua".

On the 7th of December 2020, I got an extraordinary chance to join a Muslim trip to Changhua. The Muslim Trip was followed by 25 Muslims. Even though the trip was a one-day trip, the participants visited two locations and got new knowledge during the trip, especially in how Muslims live in Taiwan. The first location was a tea plantation. The guide explained the processes of planting tea, how to harvest, until how to process it into the drink. That was a really fun and brand-new experience for me as a nursing student. Moreover, the most memorable experience for Muslims to visit plantation tea in Changhua is how they serve Halal food. For our lunch, they gave us food with a Halal license. Food has become an important issue for Muslims because it is not only about the ingredients but also how the food is processed.

The second location was LOHO Hosiery Factory Tour Museum. In this museum, there are many kinds of handicrafts. Not only amazing stuffs, but this location also gave me a chance to know how to make handicrafts such as socks. This place also provides the Muslim payer room. It helped us to pray because Muslims have to pray five times a day, wherever we are and whatever the conditions are. For me, the most important thing about this trip is that I met many Muslim friends in Taiwan. I can share my experience and ask their experience about tourist locations or Muslim-friendly restaurants in Taiwan. It was a really helpful and peaceful experience.

From my experience as a Muslim who lives in Taiwan, I want to share my experience. Here we can find many unexpected journeys especially in traveling and culinary. There are so many places and restaurants that provide not only Halal food but also facility such as Muslim prayer rooms. Since there are so many Muslims who come to Taiwan, whether as workers, students, or tourists, the government should provide prayer rooms in public areas and give more choices of Halal foods.