When there’s will there’s a way


I still remember the first day when I arrived in Taiwan. It was 2 years ago. Me, my husband, and my one-year-old kid. we were happy on our decision on moving to Taiwan. I was so excited such a beautiful country, lush green mountains, serene beaches, blue clear sky and warm welcoming people. It was like land of peace and dreams.

And then the day came. when we decided to go for shopping which were mostly food items. We went to a grocery store. Sorry I didn't mention earlier that I belong to Muslim country I grow up in a place where the concept of halal and haram is unthinkable. Each and everything are halal.

So, I start shopping. wow such a huge variety of food items. and then what was next, selecting with excitement and filling up the shopping cart. When almost half of my shopping was done. Here my husband come. Looking at the pile up shopping cart. He smiled and ask. Did u checked that every item u bought is halal?

I was like. Wait, what??? . No, I didn't. I was confused.

Then he checked each item and 70% of my shopping went back to shelves.

I was so sad and disappointed because I spent like an hour on shopping.

But on the way to home my husband said. Do you know the importance of halal and haram food in our religion?

He said just think if we want to make our love ones happy, we do extraordinary efforts for them. Sometimes those effort makes us tired, confused, and clueless. But still, we don't lose hope and strength because we do everything out of love.

So how we just make our creator unhappy on such small things. How to ignore his commands when he is the one who give us all these blessings, this food and life...?

I was so touched and guilty on my anger before. But at the same time, I was confused that how will I spend a good life here with a kid when we had to be so careful. But if your will is strong nothing is impossible.

I started searching and looking. Just after a few months there were nothing that I was missing in Taiwan. Everything was available around me. sometimes I didn't need to go out for shopping. I ordered online to my doorstep. The happiness and satisfaction are growing in my heart day by day.

Whenever I checked food it's like a game for me. like clearing each level by finding more and more options. Like Muslim friendly Restaurants, hotels, different cuisine, mobile applications. you name it.

Today I am so thankful to Allah and also people around me who make my journey easy and worthy.

So here we come Taiwan exploring your peace, beauty and delicious cuisines with satisfaction and happiness in our heart.

I am so grateful.

write by afsheena , pakistan